Last Parsec

The Last Parsec is a scifi setting of planetary exploration and adventure using Savage Worlds!

Faster-than-light travel has finally allowed humanity to spread beyond its lonely corner of the Milky Way. In the depths of space these explorers found millions of star systems, strange planets, and exotic alien races. Centuries later, they form the Known Worlds, a vital region of trade and technology where empires grow and business thrives.

Two Campaigns in One

This Obsidian Portal Campaign will be the landing page for two (at least) two different Last Parsec campaigns set in the Eris Beta V system. In one, the characters are the archeological team sponsored by the University of Harmonia, investigating Voidwalker dig sites on Dysnomia. In the other, the characters are a team of commandos, eliminating superweapons that were being developed by the despot King Bolsorg.